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Pulling for you with everything we got

Bezemer Group B.V. is a privately owned  rental company, active in the marine and offshore industry worldwide. Our core business is: Linear, drum, traction-winches, fairleaders and all other cable or pipe laying equipment.

Every Bezemer employee shares the company's sense of enthusiasm, commitment and responsibility. This is reflected in a very low work-force turnover which gives Bezemer a solid and reliable base for our worldwide operations.

Bezemer remains a family company, founded in the late 1940s, now in its third generation. By retaining its independence, Bezemer is able to deliver a high quality of service which has been its hallmark since its founding. Bezemer's high reputation and broad experience and knowledge have lead to the current position of key player in the world and respected partner of many companies engaged in major projects. To safeguard this position Bezemer is continuously looking for innovation, investigating new markets and taking the lead in new developments.

We take our business seriously, are truly experienced, avoid unnecessary risks and deliver quality products and services for a fair price.

The services of Bezemer represent a crucial part in the whole process of landfall projects. Dredgers, pipe laying vessels, the refinery, stone dumping vessels for back filling, all these disciplines are waiting for the 'Pull'


Quality and Flexibility


  • We offer equipment but also experience, know-how and dedicated employees.
  • We advise you on the feasibility of your plans and offer alternative solutions where appropriate.
  • We are committed to results and timely completion of projects.
  • Our technology is state-of-the-art and in optimum condition.
  • All our equipment is tested and certified.


  • As a relatively small company we can react fast and flexible to your requests.
  • We can quickly assist you when new developments or situations demand this.
  • We can tailor equipment to the requirements of the customer.

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